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MyScreen Desk Panels

The office environment is changing. Space is becoming static, people are flexible. What remains unchanged is the human need for peace and stability.
The arrival of flexi offices and the revival of the open-plan office have only increased this need. In many situations it is not enough to have a visual seperation
from the surroundings to enable people to work individually or in small groups temporarily. However, sometimes it is very desirable to enable employees
to be seperated acoustically from their surroundings as well.


MyScreen has been developed especially to meet all these needs. MyScreen is available for various purposes: mounted on the desk, as a (double) cubicle or freestanding in space.
They can be fabric-covered, made of steel or furnished with a custom-printed design, all with the option of an acoustic filler.
The MyScreen engineers have based the development of our screens and panels on three basic principles: acoustics, CSR and personalisation.


MyScreen options


Desk-up screens Freestanding walls


Desk up screens combidesk
Cubical screens


Fly-past screens Double-sided cubical screens